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100% Natural Ingredients
Happy Home Calming Oil

When to use this?

For use with electric diffusers.This product helps dogs that suffer from mild to extreme anxiety. Ideal for highly anxious dogs, senior dogs, dogs that shake or get nervous in new environments. Formulated to bring relief while reducing stress and bring a sense of calm. Your dog loves you, and they especially love your scent. When your dog inhales your scent blended with targeted therapeutic essential oils, they feel a sense of calm and relief. Your scent is scientifically proven to activate your dog’s Caudate Nucleus (known as the happy/pleasure center) in their brain. Spray on bandana’s, bedding, favorite toys, or blankets.

Your extracted scent is not noticeable to you but to your dog it is like smelling a room full of your hugs, even when you are not there. One of our best smelling blends, the lavender, sandalwood, valerian, and sweet marjoram make your home smell amazing. The oils have been used for centuries for their healing properties. No harmful chemicals or synthetic ingredients.

What's inside the bottle

Human Molecular Extraction (HME)®: A highly concentrated extract of your scent molecules. To humans, there is no noticeable scent, but to your dog your scent is scientifically proven to trigger happiness within their brain.

Clary Sage: Used to help create a more balanced state of mind.

Lavender: Helps calm and relax your dog. Used to bring relief when experiencing anxiety, stress, fear, agitation and depression.

Sandalwood: Helps eliminate stressful emotions while soothing emotions and bringing a sense of calm.

Valerian: Focuses on the elimination of fear, anger, anxiety, distress.

Sweet Marjoram: Used to calm, sooth and relax.

How do I use it?

Use with electric water diffusers for a wide dispersal of continuous scent over a large area. Put up to 8 drops into your diffuser. The scent will immediately distribute through the air allowing it to start working with your dog’s senses. Use in an area with adequate airflow, not for use in an enclosed space.

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