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100% Natural Ingredients
Peace Of Mind Calming Spray

When to use this?

Formulated for dogs that experience anxiety and anxiousness when left alone,traveling, boarding, doggie daycare, going to the vet or groomer or a change in the environment. Used for loss in the home, or senior dogs that are confused, pace and cry.Your dog loves you, and they especially love your scent. When your dog inhales your scent, they feel a sense of calm and relief. Your scent is scientifically proven to activate your dog’s caudate nucleus (known as the happy/pleasure center) in their brain. Spray on bandana’s, bedding, favorite toys, or blankets.

 SCENT FREE. Your extracted scent is not noticeable to you but to your dog it is like smelling a room full of your hugs, even when you are not there. No harmful chemicals or synthetic ingredients.

What's inside the bottle?

Human Molecular Extraction (HME)®: A highly concentrated extract of your scent molecules. To humans, there is no noticeable scent, but to your dog your scent is scientifically proven to trigger happiness within their brain. Formulated for people who are sensitive to smell.

How to use?

The spray is formulated for direct application on surface areas such as a favorite toy, bedding, car seat, kennel, bandana, etc. Your concentrated scent will fill your dog's senses helping to relax, calm and comfort even when you physically cannot be there. Recommended to do a spot test for certain fabrics. Allow to dry after applied. Reapply every 4-5 hours, can be used daily.

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