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100% Natural Ingredients
Kitty Calming Spray

When to use this?

Encourage harmony at home with Kitty Calming Spray, a fast-acting remedy designed to help your stressed kitty transform into a calm and collected cat. This tension relief spray is made from 100% natural ingredients that help to discourage negative behaviors that are related to stress and anxiety. Reasons for a stressed-out cat might include a change in the environment, loneliness, territorial conflicts when adding new cats or house mates, or just a general anxiety/depression. Unwanted behavior such as urine marking, hypersensitivity, frequent meowing, irritability, and overall tendency towards destruction can be addressed and relieved through this drug free tranquility solution. 

What's inside the bottle?

HME®: A highly concentrated extract of your scent molecules.

Lavender: The most tried and true therapeutic essential oil when it comes to delivering physical and emotional calmness.

Geranium: This floral, rose like essential oil is a powerful reducer of anxiety and stress. It also can help with emotional distress like grief and depression.

Roman Chamomile: A sweet and earthy smelling essential oil, Roman Chamomile has many therapeutic properties. It can help ease temper, grief and loneliness while also bringing restfulness and calmed nerves.

How do I use it? 

Shake well before use, then spray 2-3 pumps into the air in areas that your cat enjoys. This helps to reduce stress in cats experiencing fear, change, anxiety, separation, travel, and loss. Do not spray directly on your cat, on their bedding, in a crate/carrier, or on their toys. Cats are more sensitive to smell than we are so please always use only as directed.

Essential Oils Safety: 

All essential oils have the potential to be dangerous to cats and dogs when not properly diluted by a trained professional.  All of our formulas are created and crafted by trained certified aromatherapists to ensure the safety of your cat/dog. Always use only as instructed.

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