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100% Natural Ingredients
Comfort Zone Calming Reed Diffuser

When to use this?

Comfort Zone Reed Diffuser is a continuous release of calming serenity for dogs that have discomfort or feel anxious. Your scent along with a blend of essential oils sooth frayed nerves and relieve stress. For dogs that experience separation anxiety, are overly anxious, show signs of depression, or are adjusting to a new environment. When your dog inhales your scent blended with targeted therapeutic essential oils, they feel a sense of calm and relief. Your scent is scientifically proven to activate your dog’s caudate nucleus (known as the happy/pleasure center) in their brain. Spray on bandana’s, bedding, favorite toys, or blankets.

What's inside the bottle?

Human Molecular Extraction (HME)®: A highly concentrated extract of your scent molecules. To humans, there is no noticeable scent, but to your dog your scent is scientifically proven to trigger happiness within their brain.

Lavender: Helps calm and relax your dog. Used to bring relief when experiencing anxiety, stress, fear, agitation and depression.

Bergamot: Helps balance emotions, soothes panic, frustration, and irritability. Used to reduce insecurity and loneliness.

Chamomile: Known to be very good at uplifting the spirit and relieving negative emotions like fear, anger, and anxiety.

How do I use it?

The ideal product for smaller or more controlled space. Brings a continuous flow of calming essential oils blended with your unique scent through distribution from the reeds. Recommended to use in small rooms or spaces, often placed near bedding or where a dog may be crated. For use in area with active airflow, not for use in completely inclosed locations. 

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