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The Ultimate Solution for Natural Flea & Tick Prevention and Treatment

The Ultimate Solution for Natural Flea & Tick Prevention and Treatment

Fleas and Ticks can be a major nuisance! Not just for your dog but also for you and your home. Preventing fleas and ticks is a never ending battle, with new collars, sprays, pills and ointments coming out every year. With our pups, along with our homes, we think the best solution is one that is natural, safe and effective. Sprays and collars that utilize harsh drugs, artificial ingredients, and pesticides can rub off on us and our home, and we just don’t want that! 

We decided to do some digging for ourselves to come up with the ultimate, all encompassing, flea and tick solution to protect our pups, and our homes. Our standards were that the solution had to be natural, safe, and of course: effective! What we came down to is that there are THREE main areas of our lives where safe and effective flea and tick prevention is needed. Those three are our Yard, our Home, and the Woods/Parks.


Top 3 Risk Areas for Flea and Tick Infestation: 

  1. Our yard - The back yard is probably the number one place our pups spend time. It’s where they use the bathroom, play and exercise on a daily basis. Also our kids play here, and we want to protect not just our pups, but the whole family. There are common solutions to treating your yard for fleas and ticks, but they often involve dangerous and artificial chemicals... We’ve all seen those placards in yards that have been recently treated, warning people and pets “DO NOT ENTER.” Yeah… that’s not what we want for a place where our family spends time and plays. We need something that would treat our yard, without the chemicals in traditional preventative pesticides. 
  2. Hiking/Walking - We love to hike, and our pup might love it even more. It’s one of our favorite family activities, and a great way to burn off some energy while enjoying the peace and quiet of nature. What we don’t need, is to pick up pests like fleas and ticks on our hikes and bring them back into our home. We are diligent about checking ourselves, our kids, and our dogs for ticks after hikes, but especially with the dogs it is easy to miss a tick under all that fur! We try to avoid artificial repellents, because If the chemical pesticide is on our dog, our kids pet our dog and it ends up on  their hands, and from there possibly their eyes or mouth. What we need is a flea and tick repellent that we can apply directly to our dog and something that we don’t have to be concerned about if it happens to get on our kids or in our home. Something natural.
  3. Our Home - The home is tied to both our yard, and the greater outdoors. It’s our safe space where we like to kick back and relax. We don’t want to have to worry about fleas and ticks from our yard or the woods making it back into our home where they can live in our furniture, carpets, or bedding. When we are battling a flea infested pup, we need a way to treat our home as well, because those fleas lay eggs which can lead to fleas growing inside your home. When there is a flea or tick infected pup, we need to treat our home as well. 


Fleas feed on your pets, hide in your house, and breed in your yard. K9 Comfort Spray’s Flea and Tick Repellent sprays are a great natural option to keep your pets flea-free on walks, hikes, or at the park. Prevention is the best cure, and repelling fleas makes sure that your pets don’t accidentally introduce fleas into your living room. 

Once they’re home though, it can be hard to keep them from picking up fleas in the backyard or on the deck. Most people don’t know that your backyard is one of the top places a pet will pick up fleas and ticks! Fleas usually show up in backyards because of a wild animal passing through - like squirrels, raccoons, or feral cats. Pesticides can end a flea infestation, but they’re powerless to stop a new one from happening; meanwhile, pesticides pose a danger to your pet, your family’s health, and are potentially polluting your soil and water. 

Flea Destroyer is an all natural application of flea’s natural predator - the beneficial nematode, specifically, steinernema carpocapsae and steinernema feltiae. These microscopic worms feed on and breed inside of flea larvae!

By using Flea Destroyer to protect your back yard and the area around your home, plus K9 Comfort Spray’s Flea & Tick Repellent on your pup and on your furniture, carpeting etc, you can rest assured that you and your family are fully protected from current and future infestations. 

Image of k9 comfort spray with flea destroyer bundle

K9 Comfort Spray is incredibly excited to partner with Flea Destroyer to bring you the ultimate protection package!


We are bundling our Flea & Tick Repellent with Flea Destroyers amazing home flea and tick defense! By shopping our bundle you are not only getting both products at a discount, but you are bringing year round comprehensive flea and tick prevention to your yard, your pup, your family, and your home. Click Here to shop this one of a kind deal!

If you are interested in learning more about Flea Destroyers innovative defense system, read on to see their “Top 5 Reasons to use Flea Destroyer!

  1. Healthy Pet, Healthy Planet – a safe way to protect your pet from fleas, and our planet (especially water) from toxic pesticides
  2. Stop Fleas at the Source – kill them before they jump on your pets (Instrumental part of breaking the flea cycle and preventing recurring infestations)
  3. Effective & Regenerative Flea Control – Beneficial Nematodes (BN) are fleas' natural predators, so they’re not going to develop resistance. Since BN reproduce inside of the flea, they increase their population (and effectiveness) as time goes on
  4. Once Annual Application is Enough – since BN is constantly reproducing, you’re feeding an army to protect your house, pets, and family from fleas (and their diseases). Reapplication to keep the population up, since too much heat, cold, or drought can cause the nematodes to burrow deep underground – not all of them come back up when conditions improve.  One application covers up to 1K sq. ft. and can last for up to one year.
  5. Safe for Immunocompromised Pets – Pets with Kidney disease or Seizures usually can’t use topical or oral flea medication. Flea Destroyer is harsh on fleas (and 230 other garden pests), but cannot survive inside the stomach of a human, animal, or even earthworm.

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