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Ten Most Googled Questions People Ask About Cats

Ten Most Googled Questions People Ask About Cats

By Dr. Faith Whitehead, Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine

The United States has a strong affinity for cats as a country. We like having them in our homes, on our laps, as phone backgrounds, and even as the heroes of our calendars, stationery, and dinnerware. When we're not YouTubing lovely cat videos, we're Googling inquiries to learn more about them.

 It's no wonder, therefore, that the internet is flooded with questions. We looked into what people have been searching for on Google Trends. We consulted cat behaviorist Anita Kelsey to help us figure out the answers to these paw-positively complicated queries.

What is the average lifespan of a cat?

They usually live between the ages of 12 and 18. "This might vary based on extrinsic circumstances like family life and food," Anita notes. "However, a domestic cat's typical lifetime is 15 years."

There are exceptions to the trend, with some cats living to 23 years old or older. Women it's also worth noting that female and indoor cats have been found to live one or two years longer than male and outdoor cats.

What makes cats purr?

 You're correct if you believe your cat's purring indicates that he loves you. "It's a symbol of contentment," Anita says, "but it may also be a way of self-comfort when they're in agony."

Purring is caused by the fast movement of the cat's voice box muscles and their diaphragm at a rate of 20-30 times per second at a frequency of 25-150 Hz. It may genuinely be considered a sort of physical therapy because it aids in the repair of bones and other physical ailments. Cats purr to bond with their mothers or kittens; therefore, the sound's meaning varies depending on the scenario. 

What do cats consume? 

"Because cats are obligate carnivores, they require animal flesh and muscle, as well as taurine (which they cannot generate)," Anita explains. To meet your moggy's demands, most canned commercial pet foods, like Whiskas, are mostly made up of meat and meat byproducts. They also contain a lot of water because cats obtain most of their water from their diet.

Could you not feed them any human food? Chocolate, coffee, onions, garlic, tea, grapes, and raisins, in particular, are harmful to them. 

How long do cats stay pregnant?

Cats have it a lot simpler than humans when flaunting a kitten bulge. They usually stay pregnant for 63 to 67 days or nine weeks.

Cucumbers terrify cats, so why are they so afraid of them?

You've probably seen the popular videos of cats leaping 10 feet into the air when they see a cucumber, but why are cucumbers so terrifying to cats? According to Anita, it's a strange thing that people aren't expecting to see behind them. But it's also because "its form resembles a snake, so they see it as a threat or an unknown predator." And if you're tempted to attempt it yourself, don't. This prank, according to experts, might be rather traumatizing for your feline companions.

What is the purpose of my cat licking me?

 It's good news for cat moms: it's yet another way cats demonstrate their love for you. "It's assumed that they're grooming you as part of their group because they live with you," Anita explains. "Some cats want to sniff your skin for aroma, which is why they like to nuzzle your armpits."

“Cats want to sniff your skin for aroma, which is why they like to nuzzle your armpits.”

-cat behaviorist Anita Kelsey

If cats are scared, they may lick humans to soothe themselves (in the same way some humans bite their nails.) Overall, this behavior is about connecting, so consider it a compliment that you're a team member. 

Why do cats knead their fur?

It's another symptom of satisfaction, as you would have predicted. "A kitten instinctively kneads its mother's teat to urge her to create milk," Anita adds, "thus kneading mimics a pleasant, safe, and fulfilling moment."

Cats, like dogs, knead their paws against surfaces to activate the smell glands in their feet, marking a territory. As a result, interpret it to suggest that they're at ease in their surroundings.

Why do Cats consume grass?

"Scientists believe it's to augment their food and, on occasion, cause vomiting to clear or cleanse their stomach and intestinal region," Anita explains. Smart cats appear to understand that eating grass has natural laxative properties that aid their bowel motions.

Why do Cats meow? 

Your cat is attempting to communicate with you if you hear meowing. So, don't worry, when you respond to him, you're not a crazy cat woman. Depending on the situation, meows might imply anything from "feed me" to "open the door.

What should I feed my cat, and how much should I give it?

 "That is highly dependent on the cat's size, breed, and the food it is given. Because it varies so much, there is no one-size-fits-all response, "Anita clarifies. However, per pound, standard recommendations range from 24 to 25 calories daily.

When do cats reach the point where they cease growing?

Cats typically cease growing at one year; however, this varies by breed. The first 6-9 months of a kitten's life are when they develop the fastest, followed by sexual maturity when they fill out completely. In terms of development, a one-year-old cat is similar to a 21-year-old person, and each year after that is around four human years.

How can I tell whether my cat is content?

Anyone who sees your lovely cat photos on social media can see how content you are with your pet. But how can you know whether your feelings are shared? 

Anita believes that a happy cat purrs eats well, and displays typical levels of curiosity and activity. "A doctor appointment should be sought if a cat is not eating well or is acting out of character, such as snarling when you're caressing him/her when it typically purrs or hiding when it is normally gregarious."

Why do cats spend so much time sleeping?

"Cats, contrary to popular belief, are crepuscular rather than nocturnal. This indicates that their activity levels are highest in the morning and dusk. Between these periods, they may be conserving energy in preparation for their next 'hunt.' Cats. It turns out we don't sleep nearly as much as we assume. They may be walking around peering out the window or in the garden while we are away. Due to a lack of excitement or boredom, some cats sleep for lengthy periods."

So there you have it: enough dinner party conversation starters to earn you the title of resident cat expert among your friends.

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